Auditchain: Blockchain based audit ecosystem

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Hello, in recent years, we have faced many projects strengthened by the integration of blockchain technology into the digital sectors. Although blockchain technology provides a range of protection, such as security and validity, we actually wanted to ensure that each one of us is self-regulating in the field of auditing or working on projects that have passed the audit process on our behalf. Following the technological developments, there were openings in the audit and most of us ignored this. Actually, it is an audit chain based on Blockchain Technology which is important in all sectors. I would like to share with you the general features of Auditchain project which is designed as an audit chain to guarantee your operations now and in the future.

What is Auditchain? What are the advantages?

It is a very dynamic and powerful platform that provides audit continuity in the first decentralized financial field in the world, initiating the process of securing assets and reporting in the financial sectors with an explanatory method. With the Auditchain project, you will have access to your financial reports in real-time and you will have a continuous audit of stock exchanges. The Auditchain platform will include Dcarpe in the list of assets.

With the addition of the ERC20 smart contract, the Auditchain platform will move towards the creation of a total of 250,000,000 AUDT tokens to be launched on the Ethereum network during the design phase of the platform. CPA is one of the most sensible models for E-commerce sites. The Auditchain platform will provide a highly secure and valid environment for decentralized consensus-based companies. All participants in the Auditchain platform will be able to benefit from a high level of real-time financial reporting, followed by the reliability, validity, and transparency of blockchain technology.

The Auditchain Platform allows business owners and exhibitors to:

  • Financial consultants will be able to receive services and provide security without sharing various high costs and data.
  • Debt amounts to be paid on the specified date, Auditchain platform plus payment can be collected at the time. This will enable healthy and continuous transactions on behalf of the operators.
  • Again, business owners will be able to make various accounts on their assets by providing auto control without the need for any financial advisor support.
  • The Auditchain platform, which prioritizes the benefit of the participant, will make preliminary studies on behalf of the participant who will also save time.
  • Business owners will have direct access to financial reports without any inconvenience.
  • In order to secure transactions and data, blockchain technology is integrated into the platform and data loss will be prevented.

Upon the introduction of the Assurance and Disclosure Protocol, an additional AUD 12,500,000 will be provided annually in connection with the rewards, and the annual rewards amounts will be calculated on average and collected on time.



ICO and Token Information
  • Token name: AUDT
  • Token platform: ERC-20
  • The total amount of tokens: 250 million AUDT
  • Amount of tokens to be sold: 100 million AUDT


Considering the benefits of providing self-control and auditing for a platform, Auditchain will continue to be a high-level project for analysis and analysis. Don’t miss this ICO investment opportunity. Also, remember to do your own work before investing in the project.

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