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Jose Manuel Arnaiz, Founder, Entrepreneur, 10+ technology companies. Finding job opportunities. From startups to fundraising, team building, growth, alliances, mergers, turnarounds and exits in an increasingly multicultural and borderless marketplace.

⇨ Founders-Team and Internet Business Director for JAZZTEL (Nasdaq)
⇨ Founder of DIGIMobil in Spain, #1 alternative mobile operator (MVNO) in Spain: 2.4 million customers
⇨ Regional Director for AT&T Southern Europe
⇨ Intel Corp. Advisory Board Member
⇨ Diploma for Professional Non-Executive Managers and corporate management

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SeaCoast COAST
SeaCoast integrates ShoreView, PortView, and PaperBoat into a single platform that expands the digital experience by adding a space for information sharing and encouraging participation by all parties...
13 July 2022
27 August 2022