How ICOs Make You a Millionaire


I do not want to talk about what terms such as ICO , IDO, IEO mean. If you’ve already started reading this article, you know what terms like these mean in the Cryptocurrency world. For those who do not know, I recommend that they research what terms such as ICO, IDO, IEO mean, and what Crypto Projects mean before reading this article.

“How do you become a millionaire from Cryptocurrency projects?” I want to talk a little bit about this. Above all, patience is required, don’t forget that! No project will make you rich as soon as it comes out. First of all, you need to know the projects you will invest in very well. Crypto Projects are also a bit of luck. Now, most project owners or friends who will invest in them will be angry with me because “There is no such thing as luck”. . But unfortunately, most ICO projects can start to show different movements after factors such as government bans, movements of big trades, speeches of phenomena, after entering the stock market, whether they have a solid infrastructure and a solid investor as much as they want. In fact, when we wrote this article, didn’t we all see where Bitcoin came from?

Never forget that there is no such thing as getting rich quick. If you want to get rich quick, you will play a game of chance, if one in a trillion probability turns you out, you can get rich quickly.

First of all, you will evaluate how much money you have to waste for the projects you will invest. You will never invest a regrettable amount in crypto projects. Also, do not focus on a single project, invest in equal amounts in different projects, which we call a basket. You will decide after listening to the project you will invest in from different mouths, sites and telegram groups. Since sites like us that review and evaluate crypto projects, give points, provide information, twitter accounts, telegram groups stand by advertising promotions, do not forget that ICOs that stand out, have high scores and are placed in a remarkable way come in this form for a certain fee. For this reason, examine and discuss in different sites and groups. Think of it this way, you’ve gotten very good at cryptocurrency projects, ICOs. You have had a great fortune. So instead of traveling the world, having fun, or distracting yourself by investing in different areas, why do you send messages on twitter and telegram channels every day? Because; You have advertisers, you have followers, if you spread the news the way the advertisers want, you both earn, the advertiser, invest in a project, then call your followers and you sell as they buy. I hope you can understand what I mean.

Let’s not confuse the topic too much. You have allocated some capital for this business, you have found good projects and you have invested. Where is the queue? It’s time to earn referral bonus… If you believe in this project, by calling your friends with your reference, you will earn as a result of their investments. Then patience, patience, patience. until when? Until you enter the stock market. After you enter the stock market (of course, if the project did not come out as a scam and you were able to come this far), luck comes into play. Because referral bonuses, interest, etc. People whose money is valued inside and whose ICO is 3X, 10X, which they bought for 1x, will try to sell it immediately. As they sell, the value will decrease. This is where luck comes in. You will either sell high and double your money a little bit, or you will rely on your luck and start waiting. Maybe some of them still have low and they are trying to collect. You didn’t sell, you waited 3 months, 3 years. So why wait? Because you have studied the roadmap and witepaper. Two years later, there is a big event. It’s time to win…

You’ve read what I’ve told you so far. So did you become rich? No? Why? Because what happens if the amount you invest that doesn’t upset you is 100X? This is why you have to wait for years by making small investments in new projects all the time. Think of it this way, you take a quarter of gold by setting aside a little bit of your salary every month and you wait for years. No matter how much cryptocurrency you have, you don’t get rich right away. You will wait, be patient, research and invest accordingly.

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