Let’s Get to Know Scam Projects

What is a scam?

Scam in Crypto World; It is a general name given to cryptocurrencies issued for fraudulent purposes. Hundreds of projects emerge every day, but very few of them survive. Although we think that these projects are beautiful when they are coming out, it is very likely that we will be caught in scam projects because we do not know what purpose they are made for. For this reason, before investing in a project, we need to invest with a figure that we are willing to lose against the risks that may arise, and we need to research the details of the project we will invest in very well.

Is there a way to understand the scam project?

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to precisely identify scam projects. But some clues help us to understand whether it is a scam or not.

  1. First of all, a project should be examined and compared from the sites that promote the project, such as ICOBANKASI . The scores and explanations given by the promotion sites should be examined very carefully. After all, since sites like ICOBANKASI have a lot of experience, this information can be a light.
  2. The duties of sites like ICOBANKASI are to promote projects. Listing a project on sites like these does not necessarily indicate that it is a good project.
  3. The technical documents of the project, the characteristics of the project, the experience of the team on these issues should be examined. For example, when an investment is requested for the production of an interesting project, it has been experienced that even if the people in the team are very experienced in the industry, they do not have experience in listing the token they issue in the crypto world, and they reach lower levels than the amount invested.
  4. It is very important to examine whether investments are made by private investment firms, which we call private sale, before a project is carried out to collect investments such as ICO , IDO, IEO. Because these investment firms are experts in these matters, they have secured themselves both legally and financially.

Scam projects that are listed in ICOBANKASI and whose social media accounts and internet accounts have been closed:

Note: This list is constantly being updated.

Andromeda Finance (AND)



TBC Trusted Token


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