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CaizCoin became one of the sponsors of the Blockchain Economy Istanbul Summit, the biggest conference in Eurasia, which will take place in Istanbul on 27-28 July. Click for detailed info. (May 25, 2022)

Caizcoin aims to be the bridge between centralized and decentralized finance. It uses CaizChain, a private decentralized blockchain within its ecosystem.

About Caizcoin;

Caizcoin aims to be the bridge between centralized and decentralized finance. It uses CaizChain, a private decentralized blockchainwithin its ecosystem.

Caizcoin is committed to providing people with international money transfer and various payment options in accordance with Islamic finance rules and ethics.

Why Caizcoin?

1. CaizChain

CaizChain is a decentralized private blockchain. The most striking features that distinguish CaizChain from other blockchains are; Security is low commission and transaction speed. It takes 0-3 seconds for CaizChain to complete a trade. Everything can be checked and verified with CaizChain, which is designed in a transparent structure.

2. CaizDefi

CaizDeFi is a decentralized financial solution that complies with Islamic finance rules and ethics. CaizDeFi, which gives users the opportunity to control and monitor their investments, also provides access to international markets. The most important features that distinguish CaizDeFi, which provides local money to its users and creates an alternative to banks, are; Instead of a bank, your money is protected in a digital environment and it offers the opportunity to transfer money in a short time like 0-3 seconds.

3. CaizWallet

CaizWallet is one of the most vital parts of the Permissible Ecosystem. CaizWallet, which has been developed with the latest technology that ensures the absolute security of the information and details in the wallet, is inaccessible to any third party. CaizWallet, which allows users to buy and sell, also provides historical tracking.

4. CaizScan

CaizScan allows you to instantly monitor CaizChain’s data, accounts and other blockchain transactions.
It offers its users the transparency to view and follow all their steps easily.

Important points;

In addition to the transparency, security and transaction speed features of Caizcoin, some of the other features are as follows;

  • Providing the First Islamic Code of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology
    Providing fast and convenient international money transfer
  • Providing financial freedom to its users all over the world with Caiz Ecosystem
Date Information: 15 January 2021 — 31 October 2021
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Road Map
Q3 2022

Our own launch Mainnet CAIZ Chain

Launch of CAIZ Wallet

Launch of CAIZ API

Starting CAIZ Scan

Launch of CAIZ APP

Launch of CAIZ Coin

Launch of CAIZ Partners

Our own launch Mainnet CAIZ Shares

Launch of CAIZ Gold

Launch of CAIZ Stable

Q4 2022

Launch of CAIZ Card

Launch of CAIZ NFT

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