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We protect your privacy with decentralized solutions for file sharing and cloud storage networks. The most successful companies and 3 million customers in more than 150 countries use our wesendit.com platform. It all starts with security and data protection. That’s why millions of customers have entrusted their data to us every day for 10 years. With the new WeSendit 3.0 we are finally creating decentralized solutions for data protection that deserve its name.

What is WeSendit?

WeSendit is your revolutionary gateway to the world of decentralized storage.

Easily access all major providers like Filecoin, Sia and Storj through our platform and enjoy the most secure data warehouse ever.

WeSendit provides decentralized solutions for data protection that finally lives up to its name.

WeSendit will change the way humanity transmits its data. We will do everything we can to develop the safest, easiest and fastest access to the world of decentralized storage at the forefront of the Web3 revolution.

Token distribution:

  • 5% – Seed
  • 8% – Special
  • %2,5 – TGE
  • 12% – Team
  • 5% – Consultants
  • 5% – Referrals
  • 15% – Upgrade
  • 12% – Marketing
  • 8% – Exchanges and Liquidity
  • 10% – Operations
  • 8% – Stake Rewards
  • 3% – Event Rewards
  • 3% – Air Drop
  • 3.5% – General Reserve

Fund allocation:

  • 12.5% – Tier 1 CEX List
  • 26% – Development
  • 13.5% – Operations
  • 32% – Marketing
  • 16% – Law and Security
Date Information: 01 September 2022 — 31 December 2022
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Jens Herbst
CEO & Founder
Dr. Hans-Martin Oberholzer
Jurist & Investor
Philipp Braccini
Thomas Hippin
Investor Relations
Markus Bernasconi
CMO / Business Analyst
A. Giritheren
Frontend Developer
Devaprakash Giretheren
Full Stack Developer
Predi Vukovic-Häfliger
Jean Marie Fontana
Ex. Universal Music & Investor
Mike Lauper
Strategic Development & Investor
KH. Koch
Strategic Investor
Reto Zumbühl
Advisors (8 kişi)
UI/UX Designer & Developer
Systemadmin & IT Techniker
Blockchain Developer
Software Developer
Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Business Developer
Community Manager
Road Map

Evaluation of key markets in data technology

Google Cloud, AWS, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Filecoin vb. Comprehensive analysis of file transfer and storage provider competitors such as

WeSendit.com Version 2.0

Optimization of basic function and stress tests

Expansion of premium functions

USD 800,000 seed investment from the Board of Directors. Hans-Martin Oberholzer and CEO Jens Herbst

Cloud computing analysis

UI / UX analysis

Concept - and creation of the design concept for the features of the WeSendit 3.0 platform

Expanding the development team

Expanding the marketing strategy

Expansion and optimization of server infrastructure

Creation of 2022 roadmap and targets

Q1 2022

Conceptual design IEO landing page wesendit.io & wesendit.info

Tokenomics released

Roadmap published

Termination of Marketing Support / Technical Documentation "WeSendit Version 3.0

Beginning of update work of WeSendit version 2.1

Expanding the IT Business Communications Team

Live chat/customer service link

Project presentation at CVLabs (Crypto Valley Zug)

Crypto Valley Member Switzerland

Launch IEO landing page wesendit.io & wesendit.info in English and German

Join Waitlist Event (Biggest Gift in Crypto History with a Total of $6M WSI Tokens)

Q2 2022

Publishing the Marketing Bundle / White Paper "WeSendit Version 3.0

Presentation as an exhibitor under the slogan "Future of Finance" at the finance fair in Zurich

Wallpaper campaign on international wesendit.com (Mtl. Unique User: 580Tsd. #Marketing phase 1)

Expanding the social media team

Release of a use case video to showcase different use cases for using the WeSendit token to the community.

Agile community building on existing social media channels. (Twitter, Telegram, Facebook etc.)

Presentation of Business & Premium Solution

Completion and release of version 2.1 on the home page of wesendit.com

PR and AMA Youtube Events

$WSI Token and Smart Contract Robustness Development (Testnet Github)

$WSI Token and Smart Contract (Mainnet Github)

Expanding partnerships with Tier1 Exchanges

Q3 2022

Hot listing on ICO platforms

Listing on rating portals

Expanding social marketing activities

Strategic partnerships

$WSI Token and Smart Contract AUDIT

Expanding public relations activities/publications

Development Board with functions: Stake, Token Swap, Affiliate Program

Preparing the CEX Presale Launchpad

Launch of an email marketing campaign to 3.5 million existing WeSendit members in preparation for our CEX Pre-Sale in Q4/2022

Launched an email marketing campaign to 2 million whitelisted business investors in preparation for CEX Presale Q4/2022

Message 1. Launching marketing campaigns

Affiliate with Listing Sites: Coinmarketcap, Coinecko, Worldcoinindex, Coinpaprika etc.

Launch of function catalog for "WeSendit Version 3.0"

AMA Youtube and Zoom Events

Translation of the wesendit.io website into languages: French, Italian and Russian

Launch of Private Sale Event (Buy $WSI Token) on wesendit.io and wesendit.com ($2M Hardcap)

Influencer Marketing

Q4 2022

Hot Listing on Airdrop and Staking Websites

Message 2. Launch marketing campaigns

Completion of the pre-launch phase

General Selling on pancakeswap.com

CEX Listing with Binance, Kucoin, Gate.io, Huobi Global

Announcement 1. Airdrop Snapshot Event: Early WeSendit Token Hodler Award

Token distribution to all qualified winners from the "Join the Waitlist Event" and broadcast on SM channels

Announcement of new investors and partnerships

Q1 2023

Go to Live Dashboard wesendit.io

Stake Pool (up to 200% APR)

Activation of the affiliate program

Easy Coin Change

Announcement 2. Airdrop Snapshot Event: WeSendit Token Hodler Award

Project Setup "WeSendit Version 3.0" released on Github

Presentation of the Go Live Roadmap for Wesendit Version 3.0

Testnet alpha "WeSendit Version 3.0"


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WeSendit (WSI)

WeSendit (WSI)

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