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Alex Anikin;

I’ve been working on cryptocurrencies and specifically Bitcoin for the past three years –
Dive deep into Bitcoin and the Lightning Network for over 7000 hours.

Our team is working on a network with its own UTXO ledger that is layer-2 for Bitcoin and leverages the entire bitcoin technology stack. Firmly focus on the Bitcoin ecosystem and the Bitcoin ethos.
My role on the team covered the following areas: operations, product architecture, tokenomics, research and investor relations.

I have in-depth knowledge of:
– Bitcoin and LN features/stack
– Scaling and Interoperability solutions
– Trust models
– Tokenomics
– BNPL (buy now, pay later, subscriptions and recurring payments included)
– Stable Coins
– DeFi and Lending
– User stories and adoption
– Crypto Market: Bitcoin ecosystem and non-Bitcoin ecosystems
– Crypto Market: Venture Firms and Private Investors

The veteran entrepreneur has been a corporate executive with a proven track record in FinTech, TelCo and RetailTech for over 10 years. Lifetime business developer and process builder. A program manager who combines strong analytical skills with a deep understanding of technologies under the hood.

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