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General Manager | Marketing Director | Consultant | Investor
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Felix Muñoz;

Unusual Business and Co-Founder of the Savile Row Strategy and Creation Club. Entrepreneur.
investor. counselor. Business angel.

Former Marketing Manager of Vitaldent Spain and Italy. Former Managing Director of TBWA Spain.

J. Walter Thompson is an Advertising and Marketing specialist with over 35 years of experience at multinational companies such as BBDO and TBWA. He is responsible for the campaigns of customers such as McDonald’s, El Corte Inglés, Apple, Osborne, Playstation, Banco Santander, Gin Larios, Repsol, Nissan, Leche Pascual and Absolut Vodka.

Between 2008-2015, he was a member of the Executive Board and Vice-President of the Association of Spanish Advertising Communication Agencies (A.E.C.P). Active collaborator in the industry as a lecturer and professor at ESIC University and the Advanced Entrepreneurship Institute (IEA).

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SeaCoast COAST
SeaCoast integrates ShoreView, PortView, and PaperBoat into a single platform that expands the digital experience by adding a space for information sharing and encouraging participation by all parties...
13 July 2022
27 August 2022