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IT Engineer, Blockchain and crypto consultant
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Giorgio Marciano;

As an IT engineer, I have more than 13 years of work experience in architecture and solution design and software development. I worked for a few years, initially as a software developer and then as a solution architect, at a well-known Italian IT company where I participated as a technical coordinator for European research projects. Thanks to this expertise, I can manage IT projects from a 360-degree perspective. I had work experience as CTO in Dubai and Qatar and for different start-ups in Italy.

* Working in the world of start-up and incubation
* Worked in the initial part of the H-FARM accelerator program
* Experience in various programming languages
* Agile Methodologies
* Project management
* Blockchain and cryptocurrency

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Blok zinciri SaaS çözümleri, belirteç ekonomisi tasarımı ve topluluk oluşturmada lider....
18 January 2020
18 January 2021