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Head Marketing + Strategy in DAO Maker
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Hassan (Hatu) Sheikh;

I am an analyst with the necessary business intuition to analyze growth opportunities with an omnichannel approach; to create a strong synergy strategy between the online potential of a business and its physical operations. I do this by pushing the right data, developing trend analysis models, proactively learning about technological innovations, and most importantly, dedicating myself to this work.

With years of experience in analytical roles, marketing (especially digital marketing), management and entrepreneurial ventures, I have sharpened my skills and business understanding.

The reason for my success is that I combine my quantitative skills with a drive to understand the customer and their consumption trends, especially in the face of rapid technological changes, and then strive to stay one step ahead by developing competence in as many tools as possible. .

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Blok zinciri SaaS çözümleri, belirteç ekonomisi tasarımı ve topluluk oluşturmada lider....
18 January 2020
18 January 2021