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Son Har Pang;

A multi-disciplinary Executive with a background in strategic planning, stakeholder, program and operations management, business transformation, technology and M&A. I found new love at Blockchain Technologies

✦ Certified blockchain expert
✦ A recognized strategic thinker and an agile problem solver involved in many corporate projects
✦ Unique combination of investment, technology, management and operations skills
✦ Turns high-level strategies into executable project plans
✦ Effective communicator between C-suites and business unit managers
✦ Deploys technologies to transform business processes and solve business problems
✦ Hands-on experience growing a team and business organically

✦ Designed and developed the MVP for Real Estate Tokenization and Investment DAPP on the Rinkeby testnet – assets specified and represented by the ERC1155 NFT. Smart contracts are designed and written in an upgradeable way. Applied technologies – MERN full-stack, Solidity, OpenZeppelin libraries
✦ Part of the founding team that determined and increased A-series financing strategies, brought together 5 tech companies at the same time and instantly acquired more than 200,000 corporate users
✦ With our US colleague, we completed a leverage buyout, ran a value creation program and delivered over 200% returns to our investors over a 10-year investment period
✦ Managed and completed multiple post-M&A business transformations involving changes in human resources, business, and technology
✦ Project management and successfully implemented complex CRM, Business Process Transformation, Asset Management and Property Management Solutions for global clients in Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA
✦ APAC increases group revenue organically by 400%, expands footprint to 5 major Asian cities

Blockchain Technologies and Development ✦ MERN Full-Stack ✦ Robustness ✦ Strategic Planning ✦ Program Management ✦ Project Management ✦ Change Management ✦ Financial Modeling ✦ Financial Analysis ✦ Due Diligence ✦ Business Process Analysis ✦ Project Finance ✦ Development Feasibility Study ✦ Proposal Memorandum ✦ CRM ✦ Business Intelligence ✦ Management Reporting ✦ Data ETL ✦ SQL ✦ System Architect

#Blockchain ✦ #EnterpriseBlockchain ✦ #MERN ✦ #Solidity ✦ Product Management ✦ Program Management ✦ CITPM ✦ L.I.O.N. ✦ #LBFAlumni

Skydiving, climbed Kilimanjaro, climbed Mount Fuji, swam with stingrays, migrated with the Great Migration, Jeep Jamboree, visited Dharamshala, visited Banff National Park in 4 different seasons

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