ICO Evaluation Details

According to statistics, ICO scams amounted to 84%. That’s why we review a lot of details when rating. These details are increasing day by day with the experience gained. Our scoring is done over 5 points and under 3 main headings.

1. Project: The feature of the project, previous experience, details of document information, MVP, legality, easy access to project information, road map,

2. Team: Team information, previous experiences of the people, whether they have been involved in other projects, having personnel in the team suitable for the project,

3. Social Media: More details such as social media activities, web traffic, number of subscribers, activities such as AMA, and clear answers to users’ questions are examined.

When the projects are followed continuously, there may be variability in the scores obtained.

If you are not satisfied with the score awarded for your Project, please contact us.

NOTE: The points given by ICOBANKASI are for informational purposes only and investing in the project is always a risk. Therefore, it is up to you whether to take this risk or not.