KYC Verification

KYC Service

Confidentiality is very important in projects, just as in the case of Satoshi. Team personnel may not want to reveal their identities for different reasons. However, investors have always avoided investing in a project without a team list.

As ICO Analysis, we solve this problem with the KYC verification system. With our KYC service, we not only keep the information of the project owners confidential, but also increase the trust of the investors in that project. Your identity information will remain with us for 1 year. Whenever the project is found to be scam, that’s when we will disclose it.

If you, as an investor, think that a project that has gone through our KYC process is a scam, let us know. Please also explain why you think so. We will review your submissions and, if true, reveal the identity of the project owners.

If you are ready, click here to fill out our KYC form and get your KYC verification done.