Turkey’s leading cryptocurrency transaction platform Paribu, which was launched on February 14, 2017 and has approximately 4.5 million users, offers fast, easy and secure transaction services. In Paribu, where dozens of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, can be bought and sold, 24/7 crypto money transactions and TL deposits and withdrawals can be made. Paribu facilitates crypto money transactions with its 24/7 Support Unit.

Why Paribu?

  • 24/7 fast processing and support
  • 7/24 TL deposit and withdrawal with Akbank, Ziraat Bank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Vakıfbank, Fibabanka, Türkiye Finans Bank and Şekerbank
  • Transaction with EFT via all banks during working hours
  • Dozens of cryptocurrencies selected by examining their basic and technical features
  • No lower limit for TL and crypto money deposits
  • Infrastructure suitable for high volume transactions and fast buying and selling
  • User-friendly mobile application (IOS-Android)
  • Practical and fast transaction advantage with a single application
  • Transparency in market transactions

Paribu’s volume records

December 2017: 5,800 BTC in volume, 16th on CoinMarketCap-World. order

March 20, 2020: 9,900 BTC volume

April 1, 2020: World champion with 15 million WAVES

May 4, 2020: World champion with $12 million in HOT volume

May 4, 2020: World runner-up with $1.4 million CHZ volume

March 14, 2021: Third place in the world with a transaction volume of 1.5 billion dollars

16 April 2021: 2 billion 790 million dollars volume

Paribu Manifesto

A new world awaits us.

Just like life, our habits are changing, social and financial developments are accelerating.

While everything is being renewed so fast, we are doing what we know best. We develop financial services that will set global standards in the free world of decentralization.

In order to be the reliable address of this transformation, we do not leave the path of transparency and accuracy.

We are always looking for the most practical for people.

We believe in collective efficiency, not individual, and sustainable success, not instantaneous.

We support the development of young people who will not be afraid to see the whole world as their playground. We accept protecting nature and helping each other as our primary responsibility.

We do not wait for the future, we choose to be among those who build it.

If you are here, you will be in the lead role of the new world.

Because this is the world of tomorrow.


Social issues that Paribu takes responsibility for

Since the day we were founded, the route of our activities has been people-oriented, helpfulness and respect for nature.

We consider the goals set by the United Nations to transform the world, which coincide with Paribu’s core values, as a compass.

We take responsibility for “end poverty”, “quality education” and “clean water and sanitation”, three of the goals published under the title of Sustainable Development Goals. We support non-governmental organizations to turn our values into action.

Regular support to the AHBAP Platform, which organizes aid campaigns for the needy and contributes to the strengthening of the awareness of social assistance, to the Community Volunteers Foundation, which carries out activities for the youth to receive good education, to the Sen De Gel Association, which develops projects for the disadvantaged regions of the world and fights against poverty. we become We are breaking new ground in Turkey and offering cryptocurrency donations to UNICEF Turkey, which focuses on the needs of children in the most difficult situation, through Paribu.

In addition, we provide sponsorship support to İKSV Alt Kat, which works for children and young people to easily access culture and arts, and Istanbul Blockchain Women, which aims to increase the number of women entrepreneurs in the ecosystem and to have women more involved in the sector.

As we stated in our manifesto; We do not wait for the future, we choose to be among those who build it.

Because this is the world of tomorrow.


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