The term “money raining from the sky” is called AirDrop in the cryptocurrency world. In the world of crypto money, “airdrop” is the distribution of newly produced cryptocurrencies to existing holders of cryptocurrencies at a certain rate for the purpose of rewarding. You can think of the airdrop system as a way of advertising the products that will be released on the market or as a promotional application.

You can earn coins in two ways. One is a way of earning as many Y coins as X coins you hold. The second is that newly introduced coins are distributed for promotional purposes.

Despite the advertisements, there is a possibility that the products will not sell, and there is a possibility that the cryptocurrencies will not be able to enter the cryptocurrency exchanges despite the airdrop. However, using this system is an attractive option for new cryptocurrency creators.

Periodically, cryptocurrency exchanges, wallet service providers, etc. Blockchain -based services like these want to reward their customers and subscribers. Airdrop can be used as a means of rewarding loyal customers with cryptocurrencies without any fees. This system acts as a kind of incentive to ensure continuity on such platforms.

Airdrop is analogous to rewards (bonus points, etc.) and discount gifts from companies that do not use blockchain technology in the mainstream commerce world.

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