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Ali Karabey is a senior VC with deep knowledge of tech startups, investment management, venture capital, private equity, and the financial aspects of technology scaling and growth.

Ali Karabey is co-founder and partner at 212 (a VC firm with lots of technology and startup investments).

He spent his career focusing on technology and communications investments. After graduating from the University of Michigan in 1999, Ali joined Arthur Andersen in New York, where he oversaw midmarket operations in technology, media and telecommunications.

In 2002, he joined Morgan Stanley Capital International, where he led the North American and European finance teams.

Between 2007 and 2008, Ali spent a year at Deutsche Bank where he served on the bank’s main investment team.

In 2008 he shifted his focus to the Middle East where he had the opportunity to work to help companies scale. He has worked in finance and private equity projects with the Turkish government and private sector.

Ali is 212 years old and serves on the boards of AppSamurai, Avatao, Insider, Solvoyo and Smartmessage. In addition, Ali is on Endeavor’s Advisory Board and is a member of the Istanbul branch of the Entrepreneurs Organization.