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Arnold Connel;

Hanglyde is made for creators of all types. From experts and entrepreneurs to podcasters and artists, Hanglyde allows you to build a meaningful relationship with your most passionate fans.

As a creator like no other, your audience craves quality, in-demand content. But reaching them authentically may seem impossible. Your best work is done to inspire. It shouldn’t be a snack that creates an ad for an algorithm.

What about your fans?… Well, we think they deserve better too. As you read this, they are pushing past a wall advertising white noise. But on the other hand, here lies the real gold: your unique content and your chance to discuss it with other dedicated fans. We asked ourselves, what if people didn’t need a phone full of installed apps to do this?

Our answer: all your content in one app built to engage your community. Ad-free and passionate forever. We were created for all free-thinking, idea-generating, audience-inspiring creators to truly connect with your fans. Hanglyde brings it all together in one energized community managed only by you.

Creators come first in our world, so you decide the cost for people to join their community. We bill your subscribers every month and send you continuous income. So you can build a sustainable business just by doing what you love.

Our mission is simple: to bring power back to creators. Because great content happens when the creators decide. So, whether your business is a life-size cake baking course or tips for beating the world’s toughest video games, your business can ignite a community. Hanglyde will help you bring it to life.

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