What is MemePad?

MemePad V2 is a brand new, cutting-edge launchpad platform without limits.

MemePad V2 allows anyone to initiate a token on the Binance Smart Chain in a simple, decentralized and automated way using an innovative user interface.

Token Creators and Developers can now use MemePad to raise money for BEP-20 tokens without any supervision or intervention from the launchpad team.

Community members can participate in automatic launches by staking MEPAD tokens on the platform. They can also stake their MEPAD tokens in their betting pool to earn a percentage of each token launched through MemePad.


MemePad offers a completely new, systematic and decentralized way to connect token generators with community members to raise money.

It is a unique launchpad in that it combines and builds on various elements inspired by other launchpads, while also giving it the unique advantage of being specifically tailored for meme tokens and microcaps looking to launch at BSC.

Automatic– No barriers, requirements or interference in launching the token you want to initialize in BSC.
Decentralized – No supervisory or governing body that decides which token is “good” for the launchpad and which is not.
Easy to use – Just enter all the necessary data for the launch. No complicated application forms to fill out.
Locking and Authorization – MemePad provides token locking and entitlement for all tokens launched through. No need to use additional services to ensure the peace of mind of the community.
Community driven – MEPAD token holders can participate in every launch and earn free tokens by staking on the platform.

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How To get a verified Project status?

To pass the verification you need to place a our logo on the main page of your website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts. Send us the email in reply with confirmation of the link placement.

MemePad (MEPAD)

MemePad (MEPAD)

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