Barimeks Technology was founded in 2017 by three engineers with a total of more than 45 years of experience in the software and informatics industry, who believe that the future financial system will be reshaped on the crypto money markets. After two years of intensive market research, business development and software development, he entered the sector with firm steps in 2019. With its user-friendly interface, Barimeks aims to provide a world-class service to a wide range of investors from finance experts to investors who are new to cryptocurrencies. In line with this purpose, we continue our platform development efforts without interruption with the aim of being the best Bitcoin exchange in Turkey.

Our Mission

To provide Bitcoin and crypto money investors in Turkey with world-class tools that are easily accessible, convenient, economical, fast and secure.

our vision

He believes that technological developments will bring radical changes in the finance sector, as in all areas, and will transform financial instruments and services into a decentralized, one-to-one operable, freer, democratic and liberal structure, and this transformation will be one of the biggest turning points that have taken place since the beginning of the use of money. we foresee and direct our work with this vision.

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