Our company history goes way back to software, bitcoin and stock market experience. We have created Turkey’s fastest bitcoin and altcoin exchange with the accumulation of our successful experiences while establishing Bithesap.com.

We have used our past experience in order for bithesap.com to work as quickly as possible;

High Speed Stock Exchange Transactions

Since we are prepared for very high traffic in the projects we have successfully carried out before, we have designed the bithesap.com infrastructure according to our successful experiences in order to ensure that it works in the fastest way. We think that our stock market will meet the transaction traffic in the current Turkish stock markets in the fastest way possible.
Against the various inadequacies of the existing exchanges that occur in Bitcoin trading, we offer a quality infrastructure that allows tens of thousands of people to perform simultaneous buying / selling transactions without any problems.

Order Book and Order Matching

With our team, which has experience in money markets such as algorithmic trading, technical analysis, leveraged and derivative transactions, we interpreted how a bitcoin exchange should work with the experience gained in Turkish and foreign stock exchanges and designed our structure in the light of this information.

The order types sent work in the same way with us as they should work on nasdaq or bist exchanges.
It is not a pleasant situation if the large market order you place cannot be executed within milliseconds even though there are buyers or sellers at the tiers. You will not have any surprises on our exchange in the way your orders are executed.

Especially for the order book (order book and order matching) to work properly, many years of experience are required and it has its own subtleties. As a team, we think that bithesap.com will be the most consistent employee stock exchange in Turkey.

Market Making
As we are an investor in the markets and we have high capital, we ensure price stability by being a market maker in bitaccount.

According to our research, many people’s common complaints are that bitcoin in existing exchanges cannot be priced properly, unrealistic prices occur, and the inability to benefit from ups and downs. In this regard, we used our knowledge in the field of algotrading, which we have experienced before. Although it is natural that the free market environment and pricing are different in each stock market, we plan to ensure price stability in bitaccount by being a market maker as much as we can as an investor.


The most important element we have learned from our past brokerage house experiences; Transparency is essential for trust. For this reason, you can instantly see your realized transactions and the last transactions in the market. By following the transactions you have made, you can follow the information such as commission and VAT from the account statement and you can clearly see what you paid for buying and selling.

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