Frequently Asked Questions

This page has been created so that you can find answers to frequently asked questions on the ICO Analysis website. In this way, you can follow all the questions you are curious about on this page and find the answers.

What is the ICO Analysis website?

The ICO Analysis website is a comprehensive information site in Turkish and English, where crypto projects are promoted and analyzed, as well as blockchain events and crypto projects and attendees are listed.

Are ICO Registrations free?

Yes. You can add your projects such as ICO, IDO, IEO to our site for free. We can’t give a clear answer about when it will be published just because of the density. When it is published, you will be informed from our social media networks, primarily twitter. For this reason, we recommend that you follow our twitteraccount.

If you want it to be published immediately, browsing the adpage and choosing the most suitable ad for you will speed up this process.

What are your Social Media accounts?

ICO Analysis website tries to be as active as possible on all social networks. But our most up-to-date and fastest social media networks are twitter and telegram.

Our social media accounts: Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Instagram, Linkedin.

How can we reach you?

You can reach us via our contact page or live via our telegramaccount.

What is a Disclaimer?

All projects on the ICO Analysis website, whose information is given through social media networks, are for promotional purposes only and to inform the people and/or institutions that will invest. As it is known, investments to ICO, IDO, IEO’s are always risky, therefore ICO Analysis never gives investment advice. The information, scores, comments contained herein are for informational purposes only. See our disclaimerpage for more information.

Approval System

Website approval

It is a system used for the security of our members of the crypto money projects added to the ICO Analysis website and for increasing the backlink ranking of our site. In order to make website approval, you need to add our logoanywhere on your crypto project page and notify your followers that your project is listed on the ICO Analysis website in your social media networks. In this way, you will prove that your website is active and belongs to you.

Team approval

It is an approval system created to test the reliability of the social media accounts of team personnel and/or consultants involved in crypto projects added to the ICO Analysis website and to increase the trust of our followers in these projects. When you click on the “not approved” box at the bottom of your name, your approval will be completed when you send us the link that appears as a message. The issue to be considered here is; The message to be sent to us must be sent via the social media account of that person. Corporate social media messages belonging to the crypto project will not be accepted.

KYC Verification System

While announcing your crypto projects, you may not want the team list to be disclosed due to any policy. In this case, we are trying to help with the KYC Verification System. The KYC verification system is a system where you have to prove yourself to us with any official document. As a result of this verification, your project will get approved status and will be followed by us, and will be stored on independent computers for 5 years to be disclosed when any signs of scam are detected or requested by official authorities. This verification system is a paid system.


Premium Listing

It is an ad format that features higher rankings of ICO, IDO, IEO events added to the ICO Analysis website and is strikingly created on the homepage (see Figure-1). 14, 30 and 60 day options are available. When you choose the 60-day premium listing, we give you 30 days as a gift. Click here for premium listing.

Premium Listing
Figure 1

Premium Advertising

If you want our banner ads to appear on the ICO Analysis website, click here. We offer only one option as 30 days. Please contactus for different options higher than 30 days.

Premium Article

We publish the article about your project in two different languages, English and Turkish, on our website indefinitely. We can translate the article prepared by you into Turkish free of charge. If you want your article to be published, click here.

Other Advertising and Listings

If you want to be listed on our crypto exchange, advisors, event, telegram and ICO websites, please contact us.

ICO Bank Token

What is ICOBnk Token?

ICO Bank Token is the crypto money of a project issued by the ICO Analysis website to finance seed-level crypto money projects. Since there is no clear crypto money law in Turkey and it is forbidden to make an ICO without a CMB license, it is sent as a gift only to advertisers or people who donateto the ICO Analysis website.

How can I get ICOBnk Token?

To become an ICOBnk Token, you must advertise or donate to the ICO Analysis website. Since it is a new project, we cannot draw a clear roadmap yet. The roadmap will become clear after the new crypto bills.