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IguVerse is an innovative Play to Earn social networking game that aims to socialize pet owners using Blockchain technologies. Get your NFT pet and compete with other players to earn rewards for your daily social media activity

About IguVerse™

IguVerse is an innovative Play to Earn social networking game that aims to socialize pet owners using Blockchain technologies. Get your NFT pet and compete with other players to earn rewards for your daily social media activity

Social media has the ability to spread interesting things very quickly. We have seen many social media games created on Facebook and other platforms where players spend a lot of money to play and interact with others. As a result of the recent Instagram + TrustWallet collaboration, IguVerse will be fully compatible with newly released features such as allowing NFT owners to share their art directly on the platform. The biggest advantage of our concept is that players will cooperate and interact with each other on social media, which will lead to a huge popularity and demand for the game. Blockchaineconomic design unlocks the ability of players to have complex economies and rewards players who can reach advanced skill levels.

Participants will play the modern adaptation of the game of hide and seek on social media platforms such as Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, Facebook and Telegram. One player “hides” his pet’s unique code in stories or posts, while others try to look for the code and enter it into the system as quickly as possible. Seekers will compete quickly and earn rewards based on their stats.

How to play

– Make a Mint NFT from your pet or buy a virtual one
– Create a unique Pet ID
– Share with your audience
– Let other players find your pet
– Search for other people’s unique Pet ID codes
– Match with other players, compete and join social media
– Enjoy the rewards in our icon

Each character in our game has its own unique statistics. Statistics will define how much reward the Player can earn for performing different missions. A more detailed description of game mechanics can be found in our White Paper

Date Information: 25 June 2022 — 16 July 2022
ICO Start Date
ICO End Date
Finance Information
Accepted species
ICO Price
Token supply
Fundraising Goal
Available for token sale
Min / Max personal cap

Token Distribution

  • Seed – 5%
  • Private sale – 15%
  • Public sale – 10%
  • Team – 17%
  • Consultants – 3%
  • Treasure / ecosystem – 20%
  • In game economy – 30%


Price is 0.03 BUSD (25%) if investment is greater than $10,000

Andriy Tkachiv
CEO / co-Founder
Alex Kalinkov
Filip Gajda
Road Map
March 2022


Successfully launched and sold the first 200 Genesis NFTs on OpenSea

Successfully launched and sold 200 Genesis NFTs on Binance NFT

Binance Reaches 7D Top Creators Ranking on NFT Marketplace

Gathered 15+ experienced IT and Marketing Teams, 3 Consultants with great experience in Blockchain projects

Discord active community 11k+, Telegram community 16k+

iOS App under medium development

Android App in early development

Smart contracts for NFT and Tokens in mid-development

Confirmed Game mechanics and gameplay and development started

Backend microservice for Smart Contract interaction at mid development stage. Cloud scalable infrastructure out-of-the-box

Brand awareness achieved by influencers and ambassadors

Early investors and adopters committed to the project in the Pre-Sale Round

May 2022


Newly updated Whitepaper

Brand new website

Finish the game and game logic

May 25 - Public Sale of 500 Genesis NFTs

May 19 - 25,000 USDT Airdrop

Global Marketing Campaign

Working with Ambassadors and Influencers

Admin panel development for future NFT mint and Special round token sale

Pre-Sale round closed with Angel Investor 1 year lockdown + 1 year progress payment

June 2022


June 15 - Publish the User dashboard for private sale

June 25 - Start of the 3-week Special sale of IGU tokens

Deployment of IGU token smart contract

Influencer Marketing Campaign continues

July 2022


Private tour finish

Launchpads/IDOs on several reputable exchanges

August 2022


WhiteBIT.com IGU Token list

Token smart contract full game structure

Token smart contract peer review by respected blockchain developers

Distribution of IGUP token and Playable Characters smart contracts

Mint collection of playable characters from all current Genesis NFTs

First closed alpha gaming tests

September 2022


Closed beta game tests

Public beta game version

iOS App can be downloaded from App Store

Android App available for download from Google Play

End of 2022


Add more core features to the game

Introduce Pet Rentals

Fully functional in-app marketplace

Introduce pet NFT upgrades, Mystery Boxes

Balance utility tokens based on several months of live play

Plan a roadmap for 2023


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IguVerse™ (IGU)

IguVerse™ (IGU)

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