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Online since July 2021, IGO Launchpad is Seedify’s flagship product and has firmly established itself as the first launch platform in the blockchain gaming space with over 50 successful launches.

Seedify Launchpad connects gamers and gamers with high-quality, handpicked game and metaverse projects through First Game Offerings (IGOs). IGOs allow projects to raise funds and gain a core community of supporters, while participants have the opportunity to purchase new game tokens before they are listed on public exchanges.

Every project hosted on Seedify Launchpad undergoes rigorous scrutiny to ensure that only high-quality game projects are offered to $SFUND token holders.

Access leading projects

As a launchpad and incubator, we are always looking for the best future games, NFTs and metaverse projects for our holders to invest in.

Due diligence of projects

We are working hard to check if the project is worth the investment, meet the project team and thoroughly analyze the whitepaper before IGO.

Buy Tokens and NFTs early

Get an advantage before anyone else by purchasing the tokens and NFTs of the projects before they are listed, by purchasing at the listing price.

Stake or farm for passive income

Holders can earn double rewards by both staking and farming SFUND, and also receive free tokens from our incubation projects with the Seed Staking feature.

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How To get a verified Project status?

To pass the verification you need to place a our logo on the main page of your website and make an announcement of the listing in your social network accounts. Send us the email in reply with confirmation of the link placement.

Seedify.fund (SFUND)

Seedify.fund (SFUND)

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