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Merkury Logo
Merkury.IT MEK was born as a Hi-Tech e-commerce, developed over time to specialize in the Decentralized Finance sector. It currently offers crypto mining products and services, develops technologies and d...
01 May 2022
31 July 2023
Block Members
Block Members MP
Blok Üyeler, herkesin bu yeni küresel endüstride bir hisse satın almasına izin veren Otomatik İnşaat finansmanı için itici güç olacak. Üye Yerleştirme (MP) satın alarak, mal sahipleri...
15 August 2020
15 July 2023
Token AqVi, kripto para biriminin bir simbiyozudur ve en büyük sağlıklı içme suyu üretimidir. AqVi belirtecine yatırım yaparak, faydalı içme artezyen suyunun çıkarılması ve şişelenmes...
24 January 2022
30 June 2023
Social-Service logo
Social-Service SSE
We are presenting a socially oriented project that is extremely important for the development of our society and improving the quality of life! Regardless of the country we live in, social status and ...
06 March 2022
21 June 2023
Broadway logo
Broadway BRO
Our aim is to give users the chance to participate and experience shows, performances and entertainment in a new way through blockchain technology. We will create a token that will not only create qu...
01 October 2022
02 February 2023
EROS logo
ErosBook EROS
ErosBook is a next generation escort platform that allows real clients to quickly connect with trusted agents and independent escorts. We are launching an initial coin offering (ICO) to help us develo...
29 August 2022
16 January 2023
WeSendit logo
WeSendit WSI
We protect your privacy with decentralized solutions for file sharing and cloud storage networks. The most successful companies and 3 million customers in more than 150 countries use our ...
01 September 2022
31 December 2022
Su arıtma alanındaki uzun vadeli deneyimimizi sürdürerek ve geliştirerek, VODPROM'un daha da geliştirilmesi konusunda ortak kararların uygulanması için bir araç olan VODPROM platformunu olu�...
01 December 2021
31 December 2022
Amarscity AMSC
Amarscity, İNTERNET, IOT, BIGDATA, AI ve BLOCKCHAIN ​​TEKNOLOJİSİ tarafından desteklenen çok amaçlı bir akıllı şehir bağlantılı cihaz istasyonu yaratıyor - fiziksel dünyadaki hemen ...
25 March 2022
30 December 2022
MetaSystem Logo
MetaSystem MSYS
MetaSystem, The World's First Ecosystem to Scale Decentralized Applications Our revolutionary blockchain service is designed to build your own blockchain ecosystem, secure digital assets and provide a...
01 April 2022
20 December 2022
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