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MetaSystem, The World’s First Ecosystem to Scale Decentralized Applications Our revolutionary blockchain service is designed to build your own blockchain ecosystem, secure digital assets and provide access to finance around the world.

About MetaSystem

The World’s First Ecosystem to Scale Decentralized Applications Our revolutionary blockchainservice is designed to build your own blockchain ecosystem, secure digital assets and provide access to finance around the world.

What is Metaverse Why MetaSystem ?

Metaverseis a collaborative virtual shared space created by the convergence of virtual augmented physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the Internet.

As the world’s first blockchain-based, high-performance technology development platform, MSYS VR box uses the experience of industry experts in both blockchain and traditional technology to create an exceptional blockchain software experience. The daily volume of the MSYS VR box is usually targeted to be around 14 million USD with over 6,000 daily active users. MetaSystem Token also has the largest communities on the blockchain to actively interact across multiple social channels.

The strong social element of this platform connects the community and gives traders and early adopters reasons to keep returning. MetaSystem is a new payment method in the augmented reality ecosystem and aims to integrate all companies, employees and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem that will make the business truly efficient, transparent and reliable.

Why Choose MetaSystem Token?

The MSYS team will work closely with Binance Smart Chain to take full advantage of BSC’s rapidly growing MSYS ecosystem.

Most Reliability

Most credibility introducing this pool of users to MSYS gives them new opportunities to use cryptocurrency and turns them from blockchain enthusiasts to permanent members of the community. With such synergy between MSYS’ product and the BSC ecosystem, the border is beyond the moon.

Big Data Insights Decentralized financial products: Integrations for stable coins, big data insights, security tokens, microloans and more will bring new payment possibilities, easier onboarding and new forms of value creation.


The team will work closely with the SafePal team to provide premium wallet services that will be optimized and extended for audiences of the MSYS platform. In the future, MSYS will expand access to the platform so that anyone can make payments regardless of the type of cryptocurrency they own.

  • Liquidity and Acceptance
  • Free Transactions
  • Scalability
  • For the community


Developers participating in the ecosystem will have access to the latest SDKs, APIs and technology documentation needed to connect to the ecosystem. The portal will also include a set of tools for developers to use blockchain, reward pools and mining systems, social features, identity management systems, wallets and more.


Blockchain can quickly establish itself as the industry standard by working with the biggest names in Software development and entertainment. Binance IEO and CARDAN investment are the first steps towards making this dream come true and more to come.


Developers can integrate MSYS’ platform payment services into their BApps. The purpose of this functionality is to make any payment as easy as possible, comparable to the simplicity of making in-app purchases in the iOS and Android app stores.

Date Information: 01 April 2022 — 20 December 2022
ICO Start Date
ICO End Date
Finance Information
Accepted species
ICO Price
Soft cap
Hard cap
Token supply
Available for token sale

Token Distribution:

  • Private sale 10%
  • Token Sale Program 47%
  • Community airdrop 12%
  • Reserve funds 8%
  • Team and Founders 7%
  • Board Advisors 2%
  • Ecosystem Development 6%
  • Marketing and Reward 8%
Team (4 kişi)
CEO & Manager blockchain
IT Manager
Sales & Marketing Manager
Communacation Manager
Road Map
2020 Q1

Concept development

Creation of the METASYSTEM ecosystem idea and core team.

2020 Q3

Revise purchases and ideas for the team

2021 Q1

Preparation of accounting solutions for token launch

2021 Q2

Initiating token trials and planning roadmap

2022 Q1

Generating trial TOKEN on BSC Blockchain

Distribution of MSYS TOKEN within the ecosystem

2022 Q2

MSYS TOKEN List main crypto decentralized pancakeswap.finance, app.sushi.com/swap

MSYS TOKEN is officially launched during MSYS TOKEN launchpad ICO

2022 Q3

Buying back MSYS tokens

Connecting MSYS TOKEN with major mutual funds and partners

Establishing a sustainable ecosystem for people

Global companies and finance with MSYS TOKEN as reference currency

2022 Q4

MSYS TOKEN assessment and adding value to METASYSTEM



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MetaSystem (MSYS)

MetaSystem (MSYS)

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